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tec diving

Technical dives may be defined as being either dives to depths deeper than 130 feet / 40 meters or dives in an overhead environment with no direct access to the surface or natural light. Such environments may include fresh and salt water caves and the interior of shipwrecks.

In many cases, technical dives also include planned decompression carried out over a number of stages during a controlled ascent to the surface at the end of the dive.

intro to technical diving - tec fundamentals

This program is designed to give divers the opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge and equipment configuration, thereby increasing their safety and efficiency.

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helitrox diver

This unique course trains divers to helium-based gas mixes to make no-decompression dives as deep as 40 m/130 ft — without the level of narcosis encountered if making the same dives on air or Nitrox.

These dive can be made using what is largely standard recreational scuba equipment and do not require much of the highly specialized equipment associated with other forms of technical diving.

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Technical Diver

(combination of Technical EANX, Helitrox and DECO Techniques)

The NAUI Technical Diver Program is designed to introduce experienced advanced divers to the techniques and methods employed in diving beyond the traditional recreational limits.

This course a combination of Technical EANX, Helitrox and DECO Techniques.

This combination allows for a logical progession avoiding any overlap and maximizing time.

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trimix diver level 1 y 2

The NAUI Trimix program trains technical divers in the use of oxygen/helium/nitrogen gas mixtures (Tri Mix).

Students will be able to plan a deep dive utilizing the best choice in gas balancing the Maximum Operating Depth and Equivalent Air Depth to reduce you risk to potential hazards of deep diving.

The two classes of Trimix - Normoix and Hypoxic will be utilized in planning your dives.

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cavern and cave diving

Does the thought of diving through an underwater cave intrigue you? Are you fascinated by the possibility of diving where most divers never get to go?

Cave Diver Levels I, II and III are actually three courses, each of which builds on skills and knowledge taught in the Cavern Diver course and/or respective previous level Cave Diver courses, giving you the next level of skills and experience you need to become a certified Level I, II or III Cave Diver.

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naui tec instructor workshop

The progression to become a NAUI Technical Instructor is multifaceted. Candidates may achieve individual levels in order to gain the necessary experience to progress on to the next.

The Prerequisites are based on each individual's previous training and certification, but the following are some guidelines:

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