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This is the first professional qualification offered in the PADI program. PADI DiveMaster is a highly respected qualification and is recognized all over the world and is the next step towards instructorship. The course teaches you how to assist instructors in both confined and open water sessions, it also provided the necessary skills and knowledge to plan and conduct diving trips for groups. An understanding of the physics, physiology, equipment and environment is an integral part of this training, as is a thorough working knowledge of the Recreational Dive Planner. This course is best conducted through an internship program.


Take the first step in your dive career and become a PADI DiveMaster. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you'll expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills as you become a dive professional. PADI DiveMaster training develops your leadership abilities by training you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers.


What Can A PADI DiveMaster Do?

• Work at local dive centers, on live-aboard dive boats, yachts and at exotic resort locations

• Assist PADI Instructors with students

• Lead PADI Scuba Divers on guided dive tours

• Teach and certify PADI Skin Divers

• Teach PADI Discover Snorkeling programs

• Conduct PADI Scuba Review programs for certified divers

• Lead certified divers on Discover Local Diving experiences

• Teach Emergency First Response programs after successful completion of an Emergency First Response Instructor course.


What Do I Need To Start?

• PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or qualifying certification from another training organization

• PADI Rescue Diver certification or qualifying certification from another training organization.

• Medical clearance signed by a physician

• 20 logged dives

• 18 years old


What Will I Do To Become DiveMaster?

• Learn dive leadership through classroom and independent study sessions

• Complete water skills and stamina exercises in confined and open water

• Training exercises to test organizational and problem solving abilities

• An internship or series of practical training exercises


How Long Will It Take To Become A DiveMaster?

• Two weeks - Three months


What Course Materials Are Required?

The following materials are required unless they are unavailable in a language understood by the student diver.

• PADI DiveMaster Manual*

• Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) – all three versions (Table, Wheel and eRDP including associated Instructions for Use booklets)

• The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

• Diving Knowledge Workbook

• Divemaster Slates

• Instructor Guides for the programs that may be conducted by PADI DiveMasters.

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